We drive from sw cape to get this chinese;-)
Enjoying the left-overs as I type!
Quick and good
I had used the #1 Wok in years past and stopped using them when around 2015-16 a person in charge, was handling the front desk and the customers, I felt was not as concerned with his approach to his customers, mishandled contents of orders, was charging above the projected price, so I stopped using this place for over a year. When I had gone in to get my order on more than one occasion at this restaurant during that period, I had heard other customers complaining about their order, about the price they were expecting to pay when they came in for pickup and had been previously quoted, their order not having the right contents. As a result, I stopped using this restaurant. Then, this week, In my quest to find a good Chinese menu, good preparation, and comfortable prices for same, I searched online in my location and decided, after reviewing quite a few restaurants including the #1 Wok, to return to #1 Wok because I liked their food in the past. As well, their prices were reasonable. On this most recent order this week, I was pleased with the food, pleased with the online ordering (new for me with #1 Wok as it was so easy to set up an account,,the prices were comfortable, and the order was ready and waiting for me when I went to pick it up. The young lady in charge of the front desk was very attentive and very friendly. She also handled herself knowledgeably when looking for my order. She was quite focused on her customer. And, it was a Friday evening at the dinner hour so that hour was an expectedly busy hour and she handled herself very well. I was very pleased with the #1 Wok and will return more often, now that I see the former person I wasn't comfortable with in the past was not there when I returned to using the restaurant again. If, however, that person is in charge of running things when I return, I probably will be not using the restaurant and will unhappily research another restaurant. For a local take-out Chinese restaurant, I will, at this time, give it a 4.5 star rating.
It was excellent! The best Chinese I've had since moving to Florida. They were very accommodating to alterations to the food such as making it more spicy. I'd highly recommend it!
freshly prepared food very good
Any questions please call us.